Privately owned 40-year-old regional community bank with $2 billion in assets.  This Bank has dominated its local market presence, providing local banking to their communities.



After facing a significant amount of credit losses and impacts to capital, the Bank shifted senior management leadership and successfully focused on cleaning up its significant credit problem assets.  Wanting to chart a new culture to grow through acquisitions and organic growth, the Bank was seeking assistance on how to improve their Credit Risk Management while maintaining their local community banking culture and avoid repeating the errors that caused the losses.


OnPoint initially focused on Credit Risk Management, delivering a Dual Credit Risk Rating program, Enhanced Allowance of Credit Losses, and Credit Risk Stress-testing.  OnPoint then provided enhancement of Risk Management overall, which included:

  • Development and implementation of comprehensive ERM
  • Internal Audit program
  • Compliance program
  • Operational Risk Management Framework
  • Mortgage Banking Risk Management program


With the implementation of OnPoint’s 3 lines of Defense, the Bank now has a framework that allows front-line Process Owners, Independent Risk Management and Independent Risk Assessment to provide visibility on all necessary financial risk categories.  The insight and control provided by these programs has transformed their risk culture and now provides risk insight on a continuous basis, empowering risk-adjusted targeted growth and profitability.