A publicly traded regional super-community bank with $12 billion in assets has experienced significant growth through acquisition and expansion into the Southeast U.S.



Having focused on the production side for growth, the bank faced regulatory pressure to enhance their risk management strategy, governance and visibility to their expanded environments.  The Bank’s existing risk structure and reporting confirmed that risk measurements were area-specific, and aggregated risk decisions were fragmented, complex and inconsistent.  The risk management group was not including the first line of defense process owners to provide their risk environment view.  The bank needed an enterprise risk management program to ensure that all risks are included, and that the assessment process was executed reliably and continuously.  The Bank had previously invested in risk technology but was unable to leverage it to provide a clear view of their risk environment to matter where the activities occurred.



OnPoint conducted an initial assessment of the environment and then developed an Enterprise Risk Management Program Strategic Plan, and the resulting delivery included:

  • A focused Enterprise Risk Management Program aligned to the 3 Lines of Defense
  • A comprehensive enterprise-wide first line of defense risk and control self-assessment which produced the organization’s first ever enterprise view risk reporting
  • A review and integration to the eGRC system to include all 3 Lines of Defense
  • Support for regulatory orientation of the risk program implementation


With the implementation of OnPoint’s Enterprise Risk Management Program, the Bank-wide view of the risk environment enabled the bank to satisfy the regulatory concerns necessary to enable the bank to continue its expansion strategies.  The ERM governance and reporting framework ensured that front-line Process Owners’ assessment (1st line of defense) was established and that the Risk group could provide the executive and board with true risk visibility across their expanding markets.