Publicly traded regional bank serving rapidly growing metropolitan area in the south and southwest regions of the U.S.  The bank’s expansion strategy included the integration of previously failed community banks.



Having been formed through the acquisition of previously failed banks that had multiple credit strategies and cultures, there was a need for a holistic comprehensive credit risk management program which would enable the expected growth strategies while continuous providing full visibility to the entire credit portfolio.  Management wanted to ensure consistency and accuracy of credit ratings while implementing aggressive regionally specific credit growth strategies. Visibility was crucial to make adjustments to these growth strategies based on potential environmental economic fluctuations.  The bank’s strategy was to grow to $10 billion in 5 years.



OnPoint focused on an enhanced Credit Risk Management program implementation which included:

  • Development and implementation of comprehensive Dual Credit Risk Rating program based in Expected Loss measurement
  • Implementation of an enhanced Allowance for Credit Losses methodology based in Expected Loss
  • Credit Risk Stress Testing program based in Expected Loss


With the implementation of OnPoint’s three legs of its comprehensive Enhanced Credit Risk Management (ECRM) program, the Bank has successfully reached their goal of over $10B, with a framework that provides visibility and consistent ratings across the entire credit portfolio.  A stabilized credit portfolio enabled acquisition of other banks in growth regions even under high scrutiny and approval from the regulators due to their aggressive growth.