Finance. Risk. Unified.

Comprehensive finance management
and risk quantification
unified for forward-looking risk-adjusted profitability.

Finance. Risk. Unified.

Say goodbye to siloed processes, disconnected systems and scattered data.

Say hello to a single, modern software solution that provides strategic visibility
and combines comprehensive financial and risk analytics in a highly automated
and intuitive technology platform.

Growth-oriented community and regional banks are now able to gain
unprecedented forward-looking insights into their financial performance and risk
exposure. This cutting-edge technology combined with best-in-class financial and
risk management methodologies provides the freedom to spend less time
guessing, gathering, and reacting, and more time executing your strategy,
optimizing your risk profile, and achieving your goals.

Find out more today about how our unified technology platform can provide you
with unprecedented strategic visibility.


Financial Analytics

Budgeting and Reporting

Streamline the budgeting and reporting process with a comprehensive solution that incorporates branch, board, and external reporting — complete with allocations and consolidating entries.

Loan and Deposit Reporting

Capture instrument level loan and deposit data to analyze profitability and activity by customer, product, loan officer, and more.

Forecasting & Strategic Planning

Easily generate detailed, driver-based rolling forecasts to project financial performance over the short and long-term.

Daily Dashboards

Monitor and manage the business day-to-day using a highly graphical intuitive interface for operating, performance, and risk metrics.

Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management

Liberate execution of the Strategic Plan with a 3 Lines of Defense risk management program including risk appetite, top risks, and key risk indicators covering key governance, credit, operations, market and technology risk.

Enterprise Stress Testing

Simulate prospective economic scenarios and see the potential impact on capital and financial performance while gaining visibility to the organization’s risk profile.


Assess, gain visibility and strategically
manage compliance risk across the enterprise while executing the strategic plan of the organization.

Internal Audit

Globally assess key risks exposures and controls effectiveness while streamlining processes that enhance the execution of the strategic plan.

Technology Governance

Strategically coordinate the overall information technology structure to ensure that risks, activities, resources and investments create value while supporting key initiatives of the organization.

Credit Risk

Credit Risk Rating Scorecards

Accurately assess credit risk with a suite of customizable two-dimensional scorecards that rate both the borrower and collateral, and quantify expected loss for risk rating, pricing, and portfolio risk management.

Allowance for Credit Losses

Leverage advanced credit risk analytics to calculate an allowance that accurately reflects the level of risk in the portfolio and complies with the latest accounting standards.

Credit Portfolio Analytics

Prospectively manage risk in the loan portfolio by gaining forward-looking visibility into incremental changes in credit quality and migration of credit risk.

Credit Portfolio Stress Testing

Simulate prospective economic scenarios and see the potential impact on charge-offs and the provision for loan losses while identifying higher risk profile segments of the loan portfolio.

Finance. Risk. Unified.

Learn how this unified platform leverages recent advancements in technology and combines best practices in financial and risk management to provide strategic visibility to banks of all sizes.

The Art of Strategic Risk Management
How OnPoint’s overall Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) methodology begins with your bank’s business strategy, goals and culture.
Credit Risk, Expected Loss & Freedom
How OnPoint’s Enhanced Credit Risk Management program philosophy and methodology leverages Expected Loss into everything. Including the upcoming CECL regulation.
Make CECL a Strategic Advantage
When you can anticipate credit cycles, you have the freedom to realize future opportunities when you leverage CECL and actually make a significant contribution to your bottom line with it.


Developers of comprehensive reporting, modeling, budgeting, and risk management solutions designed to meet the unique needs of banks.

A team of experts consisting of banking professionals with bank risk management experience, and industry advisors implementing risk management programs in financial institutions with up to $50 billion in assets.

These teams have come together and developed a comprehensive and groundbreaking Unified Technology Platform to provide unprecedented data and visibility for small-to-mid-sized community banks. The combined leadership of these companies consists of banking professionals with an average of 30 years bank risk management experience, and industry advisors and trainers of over 400 state and federal bank examiners.

AARON TAYLOR  President & CEO, Sola Analytics
Practice Lead:  Financial & Capital Risk, Market Risk, Credit Risk
Expert: Enterprise Risk, Governance Risk

Aaron recently spent 10 years at a leading regional financial institution. His scope of responsibility included the role of Executive Vice President, Director of Capital Planning, Director of Enterprise Risk Management, Director of Financial Planning and Analysis.

Aaron has a wide ranging career in the banking industry with extensive experience and emphasis on stress testing, enterprise risk management (ERM), and financial reporting and analysis.  He was the primary architect for the development of the Dodd Frank Act Stress Testing (DFAST) program, Model Risk Management Program and ERM Program.  In addition to establishing an effective governance structure, Aaron also designed pre-provision net revenue and credit loss models. Prior to that, he led the formation and development of both the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) departments.  While leading the FP&A department, he successfully managed the implementation of a comprehensive financial reporting, budgeting, and forecasting system used for all internal, regulatory, and SEC reporting.

Aaron’s banking and risk experience also includes extensive involvement in every stage of two major M&A transactions and the related purchase accounting.  He also has extensive experience in profitability reporting, asset liability management, securities analysis, and cash flow modeling.

In addition to his CPA and CFA license, Aaron holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance degree from Oklahoma State University and a Master of Science in Accounting and Information Management degree from the University of Texas at Dallas.

Sola Analytics delivers a comprehensive reporting, modeling, budgeting, and risk management solution designed to meet the unique needs of banks – including forecasting, stress testing, profitability analysis, and the calculation of the Allowance for Loan Losses.  This Microsoft SQL Server and Excel based platform includes a full suite of banking-specific features.  Due to the high-level of out of the box functionality and flexible technology, a fully customized solution can be deployed in less than 60 days for most institutions.

JOHN DREW  President & CEO, OnPoint Risk Advisors
Practice Lead: Enterprise Risk, Governance Risk, Credit Risk
Expert: Operations Risk, Market Risk, Technology Governance, Compliance Risk, Internal Audit, Mortgage Risk, Financial & Capital Risk

John, a 37 year veteran in the financial services/banking industry is President & CEO of OnPoint Risk Advisors, a Risk Management consulting firm that provides strategically aligned ERM and Credit Risk Consulting Services ranging from initial assessments to full implementations. Formally, EVP/Chief Credit & Risk Officer of Amegy Bank, John was responsible for Enterprise Wide Risk Management including governance, credit, operations and market risks and served as the liaison to the Board of Directors and the OCC for the risk management and regulatory oversight of the bank. Other risk management related accomplishments include roles with the Risk Management Association, the nation’s leading risk management association for financial institutions, as National and State Director, Enterprise Risk Council and numerous speaking engagements at local, state and national risk management events. John has provided risk management training and thought leadership in the area of risk management to over 400 bank regulators across the nation. John holds a BBA in Finance degree from Texas Tech University in 1980.

The OnPoint team of experts consists of banking professionals with an average of 30 years bank risk management experience, and industry advisors and trainers of over 400 state and federal bank examiners. Our leaders have implemented risk management programs in institutions with up to $50 billion in assets.

We believe there is no one-size-fits-all template for adequate ERM. At OnPoint, we are specifically equipped and intent toward dynamically providing solutions that fit your unique needs and goals.


With decades of real-world banking experience, our team delivers strategic, forward-looking financial and risk management solutions within a unified software platform – complete visibility for banks seeking growth, greater efficiency, and increased agility.

Strategic Delivery. Strategic Results.

We retain strategic relationships with regulators, technology providers and trade groups and have excellent client relationships and references.

With high-performing consultant specialists positioned in the largest markets around the US, Our Digital Enterprise allows for the kind of native delivery that ensures a high-touch collaboration effort.

Aaron Taylor, CPA, CFA
President, Sola Analytics
405-880-0255 Bus
John Drew
President, OnPoint Risk Advisors
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