How’s Your Appetite?

John Drew, OnPoint Risk Advisors

Perhaps you’ve heard this one before…

“The best diet is the one you stick to.”

Actually a pretty sound mantra.

Unlike all those catch-all quick-fixes out there, it works because we all have different appetites.

For example, most professional athletes could no doubt handle over 4000 calories a day. I know I couldn’t.

And some of us need more protein, some more fiber, some more carbs… It’s all according to our unique chemistry and goals.

Is your bank’s Risk appetite really all that different?

Is the $500M community bank going to be prey to the same risk events as a $15B regional bank with a heavy energy portfolio?

Of course not.

And sure, there are commonalities… A market recession is a market recession.

But know this: Establishing a strategy-oriented Risk Appetite will positively align your organization for success.

Which leads to execution you can stick to.

Which technically makes it a lifestyle – not a diet.

Compared to the latest diet trends, there’s actually some truth – and freedom – in that.

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