Risk Lingo

John Drew, OnPoint Risk Advisors

How many of you know more than one spoken language? (emoji doesn’t count)

More than two languages? Or three?

And of those, how many can you speak well enough to be humorous?

Ordering breakfast in another language is one thing, but make someone laugh… Or be nuanced enough to be truly one with the culture of those who speak that language… That’s knowing a language fluently.

It’s not easy. But it’s an important distinction.

When they say something is “high-risk”? Is it really?

When they say something is “low-risk”? Do you believe them?

You see, saying something is “high-risk” or “low-risk” for example, can mean very different things to two different cultures.

Same goes for different organizations in different business climates or regions.

And matched up against different Risk appetites, or Risk heat maps with different goals and objectives…

Well, you get the idea.

At it’s very essence, a culture lives and dies by its language.

Let’s start with a few key vocabulary words:




…and Freedom.

Delivering Strategic Visibility.
We get you out of react-mode and back to your strategic role by delivering forward-looking financial and risk management solutions to help you realize your growth objectives with greater visibility, efficiency and resilience.

Strategic Delivery. Strategic Results.
We retain strategic relationships with regulators, technology providers and trade groups and have excellent client relationships and references.
With high-performing consultant specialists positioned in the largest markets around the US, Our Digital Enterprise allows for the kind of native delivery that ensures a high-touch collaboration effort.
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