The Gravity of Risk

John Drew, OnPoint Risk Advisors

Would you say that risk is a lot like gravity?

It doesn’t care about opinions, wishes or good intentions.

So with that, why would we wait for risk to reveal itself, only to react to it?

Do you wait for the roller coaster to speed through the loop before you pull down the harness?

And yet, I’ve also heard that everything is ‘sweetened’ by risk.


Perhaps Catherine Pulsifer, noted inspirational author, says it best: “If we allow risk to be a fear, then we are sure not to succeed. But, if we approach risk with proper planning, and a good attitude, then most times we can minimize the risk and use it to our advantage.”

Sounds like freedom to me.

A colleague once told me about how his son saw a roller coaster, and immediately refused to go on it.

The dad was puzzled… It wasn’t that scary.

In fact, the boy had ridden one before that was much more ‘venturesome’.

His son’s reason? There was only a lap belt, and no shoulder harness.

Bottom line – he wasn’t confident in the ride, and therefore, willing to forego the adventure and potential joy.

Funny. At 12 years old, he understood that risk mitigation wasn’t intended to squash an opportunity. He knew it gave him the freedom to embrace it.

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